Wednesday, March 26, 2014



BALI – Bathed In Beaches :

Arguably the most popular beach destination, especially for Indians; Bali's allure has neither lessened, nor has its charm diminished because of its heavy patronage. Because Bali has something for everyone. Brilliant, breathtaking beaches, fabulous lush scenery, an ancient culture and some fantastic shopping and truly unbelievable prices! Often considered the jewel in the Indonesian crown, and for good reason, Bali encapsulates some of nature's most stunning portraits. From lush tropical jungles, breathtaking beach shores, verdant rice paddy fields and majestic volcanoes to rolling hills; the island city has every ingredient to lure the nature lover, and even the honeymooning lover. With Ark's Bali packages, you can experience the full Bali treat, complete with the beaches, and even extending to ancient temples on the one hand, and resplendent spa accommodations on the other. Especially for those who want to ignite the flame of love, Bali is, the original lover's paradise!

Why Bali?
Because there is easy & frequent access from India
Because it is the ultimate honeymooners playground 
Because it is relatively affordable & offers great budget shopping